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Ethical Diamond is the New Black

In 2021, let’s wear diamonds that are not associated with forced labor, conflict, or environmental destruction. 

In the post-covid world, there’s an increased desire for conscious and ethical standards when it comes to fashion. The demand for sustainability is gradually extending from clothing to the jewelry industry, partly due to celebrity endorsement.

From Megan Markle, Lady Gaga to Emma Watson – who are eco-friendly activists and human rights advocates – have been spotted wearing laboratory-grown diamonds on red carpets. The name list of celebrities is just getting longer and longer, as lab-grown diamond becomes mainstream.

Lab-grown diamond has become a popular choice since it offers the same dazzling beauty and durability as a mined diamond. That challenges the traditional idea that treasured jewelry should have rare stones from the earth. “Grown” inside a lab, a lab diamond uses cutting-edge technology to replicates the natural diamond growing process. The result is a diamond chemically and physically the same as those beneath the surface of the earth.

Meanwhile, it is much more ethical and leaves a significantly smaller environmental footprint. Before the 2000s, the natural diamond trade is often linked to unsavory supply chains and child labor, especially in Africa, where so-called “blood diamonds” were funding ongoing wars.

We don’t want that on our conscience, much less on our ring fingers, do we?

Above all, lab-grown diamonds are sold at a much more reasonable price. This expands your budget, allowing us to choose higher-quality stones than we could otherwise afford!

Take DiaReale for example. This online jeweler is proud to provide buyers with beautiful and ethical choices. Their lab-grown diamonds are meticulously cut and polished to a sparkling finish and designed as fashionable but timeless favorites like stud earrings, linear drop necklace, pear-shaped bracelets, and classical flower head cluster ring.

DiaReale’s diamonds are IGI-certified and have gone through the same strict certification process as natural diamonds. They are also being gradedlike mined diamonds for carat, cut, clarity, and color.

DiaReale: the right place for lab-grown diamonds

Buying from DiaReale you can be assured of the quality while putting your conscience at peace, at a great price. This year let’s opt for beautifully crafted lab-grown diamond jewelry to illuminate your inner beauty.

As the price of lab-grown diamond are more reasonable, we can afford to choose bigger and higher-quality stones.

Dia Realeoffers beautiful and fashionable jewelry with lab-grown diamonds. 

These sparkling retro style rings are also available on DiaReale. 

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