Dia Reale

Diamonds, being a girl’s best friend, should be found in every woman’s jewelry box! It is the belief of Louis Hans, a jewelry designer with more than 20 years of experience in the international jewelry manufacturing industry.

When he was a 16-year-old apprentice, Louis learned the true meaning of diamond from a master lapidarist: “Diamonds are presents from God that have been tested in the eternal fire. They are the emblem of love and purity. It’s a disgrace that they are objectified as the symbol of status and wealth.”

Like the Love of God, Diamonds are for Everyone.

Now an accomplished designer, Louis decided to move away from jewelry manufacturing to promote his belief: Diamonds should not be unattainable and untouchable as perceived. Just as the love of God, diamonds should be more approachable. They should be more wearable and fashionable.
He founded Dia Reale in 2020 with a mission to advocate the incorporation of diamonds in the fashion mainstream. Instead of being packed away in safe-deposit boxes, diamonds from Dia Reale are trendy pieces made for fashionistas, equally appropriate for special-occasion sparkle and daily fashion statements.

High Quality and Value For Money

To achieve this mission, Dia Reale offers affordable and beautifully crafted lab-grown diamond jewelry pieces. Even with the same clarity, sparkle, and incomparable hardness as natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are available at a much more reasonable price. At a similar cost, you can purchase a higher-quality stone at Dia Reale.
With lab-grown diamonds, more engaged couples can afford brighter diamond rings to declare their life-long commitment. Young women can invest in a few more classic pieces of diamonds that serve them well for a lifetime.

Spread Universal Love with Diamonds

For Louis, the eternal love represented by diamonds is universal. With increasing popularity, lab-grown diamonds are genuinely the emblem of love and purity, like the love of God, accessible to everyone.
To share the universal love, Dia Reale regularly gives back to society and organizes charity campaigns. Dia Reale donates 5% of sales revenue to different international NGOs and charities that advocate for the environment, children, or animals.
You are being invited to support our philanthropic giving by wearing affordable lab-grown diamonds from Dia Reale that sparkle your inner beauty!

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