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We are Dia Reale.

Dia Reale means real diamonds, real diamonds that are laboratory-grown, of exceptional beauty and sparkle, at the same quality as natural diamonds, minus the traditional markup.

We believe in the power of jewellery on women, especially diamonds, which have been widely known as the symbol of love, and for love is immortality.

We are here to offer beautifully crafted lab-grown diamond jewellery pieces that are fashionable yet affordable for everyday wear, which seamlessly fit into all tastes, all styles, all seasons, and all occasions, accessible to modern women from all walks of life. These stunning pieces are the best budget-friendly and easy-to-wear natural diamond alternatives to be added to your daily jewellery wardrobe.

We are on the mission to inspire and empower modern women with our dainty and versatile jewellery pieces to illuminate their own unique beauty, give them a boost in confidence, whilst encouraging them to love themselves and share love with the people around. We just love to see women look good and feel good. And we believe it all started with the little things, a little everyday luxury that complements what is already there.

As Marilyn Monroe once said, “We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.” We share this belief and we hope to empower every woman to shine. So don’t be afraid to show your feminine charm and twinkle like a star. Just wear Dia Reale jewellery and leave a little sparkle wherever you go!

We love jewellery and our planet as much as you do.

Since we have entered the age of sustainability, with the evolving culture that values ecological health and social equity, people are now looking for jewellery pieces that are ethically produced with less negative environmental and social impact. At Dia Reale, we set to share with you our quality jewellery that is kind to the Earth and kind to your wallet as well. Our lab-grown diamonds are not only budget-friendly, but also eco-friendly and conflict-free diamonds produced following socially responsible practices. In the meantime, we always keep in mind the importance of the pursuit of an ethical and sustainable lifestyle.

How to pronounce “Dia Reale”?
Phonetically you pronounce our Italian name “Di-ah-re-ah-ley”.

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